Who am I

I’m Pascal Grandjean. Born in 1968.
Licensing since 1986 as FC1LEN. Two years later, and after a CW test I was FD1LEN.
My instructor at the local radioclub was Georges Guinard F6DDU (sk).

I’m married and have two childrens: Louis, was born in 1996 and Alice in 1999.
My wife Marielle is pharmacist. I’m working as Unix administrator/IT.
We are living in Messein a small village located in the NE part of France. 15Km south from Nancy.

Home station:
Very classical setup on HF: IC-746, 800W amp with 2 elements 5 bands quad or GP for lower bands.
On VHF and up, I’m qrv from 2 m up to 3 cm but my activity are mostly on portable operations. See jn38.org for my V/U/SHF contests activity.
At home I use TS790 with 4cx250 amp iin a 9 el on 2m.
On 3 cm I use IC275A as FI , DB6NT tvt, PA 30W and 85 offset dish.

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