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  1. You've brought up two key points that I should have mentioned in my post:1. We live in an open demographic system. Although there is selection for late childbearing in our dominant culture, this selection is being cancelled out by the inflow of people from early childbearing cultures.2. Selection for late childbearing co-exists with selection for early sexual maturity and "accidental" childbearing out of wedlock. So we may be moving toward a situation where most childbearing is "accidental."

  2. -Although some of the creatures pictured come from New Guinea, it is unlikely the journey actually went there.-My Dutch is non-existent so I can’t cite +/- argue but the VOC had definitely visited New Guinea by the time of this journal (the first map of the whole island was made in 1600 I believe). It’s perhaps a moot point as it’s easily possible that cassowaries had been taken westward to the Moluccas as you say. And I’m not sure if ‘journey’ ought to be singular. My feeling was that Muller was a sailor rather than a colonialist so I expect that in his 13 years with the VOC he was involved with a number of voyages.

  3. Gosto de solidão acompanhada, de ficar reservado em um ambiente com algumas pessoas, quase como um autista. Isso me permite refletir sobre objetivos e me faz sentir seguro.Entendo. Também é uma forma de se isolar, com amigos seletos, ou com quem se ama. Parece que o mundo à volta não existe, né mesmo?abraço, garoto

  4. I've used ALICE several times now and I LOVE it. Sometimes I am so invovled in couponing at the grocery store that I forget to purchase things I don't have a coupon for. With ALICE I can get the things I've forgotten without having to make an extra trip to the store . Their prices are so reasonable and with free shipping and automatic coupons I don't feel the least bit guilty.

  5. Niesamowite miejsce mi pokazaÅ‚aÅ›…jeÅ›li bym kiedykolwiek byÅ‚a w tym piÄ™knym kraju…na pewno udam siÄ™ do tej cudownej jaskini…Pozdrawiam serdecznie ;-))) z północnej Polskips…zdjÄ™cia bajeczne…nie mogÄ™ oderwać oczu…;-)))

  6. #26 living in zion – Try the Carinessa (sp?). I think those are the “stretchy ones” annegb is referring to. They’re great! They fit well and don’t move under your clothes. I don’t find them overly hot (of course, I like the DrySilque which some people find unbearable) and they have a silky feeling to them. I can’t wear the “petite” size in the Carinessa like I do in other styles, so sometimes they take a little experimenting to find the right fit. But they’re worth trying out if you don’t like some of the other options.

  7. How I found my current position: I was interested in moving to a specific region in the state, so I contacted the OB/GYN group at the regional medical center. They were looking to add another doc to their group, so I met with them and was offered the job.OB/GYNs are currently being pretty heavily recruited because there seems to be a growing shortage of them. This makes it pretty easy to find a job in almost any area of the country. I had several job offers when I was finishing residency, and I think that’s fairly typical for OB/GYN residents finishing training nowadays.

  8. do not wish top put a damper on things, but it really was commendable for an MP to be supporting such a worth while cause, but the way things are going in the business sector, we are heading for a full blown recession.The centre of Manchester, such as King Street West have seen many business’s disappearing of the street, look at Colwyn Bay, empty shops every where, each town is the same.Baton down the financial hatches, we are heading into a storm, this old sailor can feel it in his blood and the wind!

  9. Szanowny Panie Pradziadku,też mnie ks. abp Nycz jakoÅ› wtedy przykro uraziÅ‚. Również tym, że dziÄ™kowaÅ‚ kolejno wszystkim zebranym notablom, a Matce KsiÄ™dza PopieÅ‚uszki jakoÅ› tak żaÅ‚oÅ›nie sucho…Pozdrawiam,Anna, Sówka

  10. 17/11/2012 17:39 · Many thanks for making the effort to talk about this, I feel strongly about this and like learning a great deal more on this topic. If feasible, as you gain expertise, would you mind updating your website with a great deal more details? It’s very useful for me.

  11. Thank you for sharing these stories.I wish I'd learned more about prematurity before my (now perfectly healthy) twins were born at 33 weeks. It was too scary to think about. I think there's such a taboo against talking or thinking about this that might go wrong in a pregnancy. However, if I were to get pregnant again, I'd be far more educated and better able to advocate for a preemie. Of course, we're perfectly satisfied with our two!

  12. The main reason to changing the release date to September is so that the iPad can ride the Holiday wave like the iPods currently do. It will still be on a year refresh cycle. Just in September. As it is, some consumers wait for the refresh in April to buy their iPad instead of receiving it as a gift for Christmas. That’s what I’m doing.

  13. I tried Dropbox, icloud, & Skydrive, but moved to Sugarsync. I’d love to know what Dropbox does that Sugarsync doesn’t. Unless it’s critical mass & market momentum, or perhaps solidity against data loss, something I can’t know. But seems to me that it’s not ‘cracked’ the sync problem as well as Sugarsync.

  14. Je ne comprends pas votre commentaire … vous mélangez tout comme dans une grosse tablette de chocolat fourre tout ? Les tablettes de chez Mast sont délicieuses, dommage de s'en priver parceque que j'établi des parallèles …

  15. When I was in school we were taught that the Founding Fathers went to great lengths to create a system where the government could not take over the people's lives. Very sad to see so many people today want their lives controlled by the government, and want to force such horror on the rest of us.As for Democracy and voting, yes, voting leads nowhere good if those voting aren't good people.

  16. Bonjour…
    Merci pour les informations concernant la sismologie amateur, domaine qui m’intéresse vu sa proximité avec mon travail actuel (Ingénieur en Génie Civil).J’ai aussi été Radio Amateur dans mon club de Lycée entre 1983 et 1986.

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