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  1. It actually gets easier, I think, because they understand that you’re coming back. When Vivian was three, she called me a come-back-er woman. I quite like that description! And, Heather? Go on a holiday. Even if it’s a night in a boutique hotel by yourself (I say, yearningly).

  2. Själv hade jag väldiga problem att fÃ¥ behÃ¥lla min röda färg som jag ville ha! Jag gick frÃ¥n samma blonda ljushetsläge som du hade till brun o sen till rött. E hÃ¥ret poröst o slitet kan d va problem för d röda pigmenten att fästa i hÃ¥rstrÃ¥na. Men what the hell d e ju bara att prova, blir man inte nöjd sÃ¥ smackar man pÃ¥ en mörkare färg (med den lilla risken att d blir ”svart/sotigt” pga slitage)GL!/ lilla frisören

  3. Bernays–now there’s a guy you should know about; what’s left after him in termsof democratic propaganda? Keep in mind that most of the money any wannabe or incumbent USA politician needs–is to pay for TV commercials designed to win votes. Also keep in mind that 60% of such Democratic funds are from a handful of Jewish American millionaires and billionaires, and the Republican source funds are swiftly catching up. Both parties are to the right on Israel; otherwise, that is, domestically, they differ. Does anyone dispute that?

  4. Saving for the rainy day, the phrase ingrained in our inner self, is surely giving way to making merry while it lasts. Punjabis mistakenly think that solution for all their ills lies in foreign shores. They seem to be in a race to somehow get there and pick the dollars from trees.

  5. I agree about Nash so far. The offense in Phx was perfect for him (mostly PnR), and MB barely runs any of it with Nash. He just passes the ball to someone, cuts thru the lane, and then just basically stands around. Fisher can do that! Nash is at his best when the ball is in his hands the majority of the time. Bad fit for us? I certainly hope not.

  6. Keesia, sometimes you need to use an awl or even a long pin to push the fabric through the small slit in the center of the tool. Here at Pink Chalk, we’re having a lot of fun making our own coordinating bias tape. Hopefully in the near future we can feature how we make our own bias tape.

  7. SO much in common, it’s crazy! Totally not weird and stalkerish. I think it’s awesome! & I’ve never met ANYONE else who’s in love with Native American and Indigenous Mexican cultures.. Erin, I think we’re soul sisters! Hahaha 😛

  8. They always have the sat radio on at work and most of the time it's crap playingThey must have the wrong channel playing. 😉 I hear good stuff all the time on the channels Randy mentioned, and other channels too. (Did you know that Free recorded other songs besides "All Right Now"? Damn good ones, too!) The Boneyard is also a favorite of mine. In fact, that's what I am listening to as I type this."I used to love her, but I had to kill her…"

  9. 25 julio, 2007AnónimoNo hay que activar ningun servidor propio. Bueno si lo quieres hacer lo puedes hacer pero no es necesario.Si lo suyo sería poner un from propio. Bueno lo voy a corregir.Sacaré una versión nueva en breve.Un saludo.  

  10. Great post! I hear ya about the Hubby's job ruining that crucial fertile time. A similar thing happened to me this month with Hubby's police job playing havoc with his sleep and mood. Boooo! And what you've written about being able to connect with and help others through your blog is wonderful. You now have proof that you're not just doing this as a therapeutic exercise, you are actually helping others. Like me!!


  12. con una sobrada dirección de escenas de acción una telenovela mexicana y/o venezolana de amor con escenas, de hormonas juveniles, mojigatas , conservadoras a morir, y supuesta mente modernas… a carcajadas la escena del camping en la montaña. el problema no es la película, si no que ya viene desde la misma escritura del libro. no vale mencionar nada de cuestiones cinematógraficas ya que la plata se quiere hacer ver en sus intenciones.

  13. being transparent is sometimes how we can best encourage others. i appreciate your honesty and can identify with feeling blah some days…weeks even. i've been told to find ways to serve others when feeling that way. it helps get the focus off of ourselves and onto someone else. when depressed, ask, Where have i served lately? we can always start with our own hubbies, right?preaching to myself, here!

  14. , “It would be a really good idea for the media to pull back from trying so hard to damage the administration.”Yes, it would be a good idea, both for the media and for the nation, but the falcon cannot hear the falconer. Your good advice falls on ears which are no longer capable of hearing calls to caution. MSM marches in virtual lockstep to the voices of the one true faith, and they neither hear or heed other viewpoints. The 4th Estate has reduced itself to Al Qaida’s 5th Column. No good can come of it.

  15. , it wasn’t really the glatt kosher people making demands on the Board. It was the Board trying so hard to cater to everyone that they ended up catering to no one. Maybe by next year, they will be better prepared for how to deal with this new melting pot in the building.(You also have to remember that this “Board” is not a bunch of seasoned executives, but just some tenants — some blue-collar, some retired, one a public school teacher, etc., who may never have had to deal with this issue before.)

  16. Merci Madame ! Pour info, je n’ai fait que le design graphique sur ce projet (reproduction de l’image, mise en page, typographie, gabarit). L’image originale est l’affiche du Grand Palais crée par Laurent Ungerer et sa société c album. Ceci dit, j’ai customisé les étoiles et créé entièrement l’intérieur du livret.

  17. No niin 3 viikon tauolta palattu yhden sisäelimen verran kevyempänä. Soutuvauhti ei ollut mikään hurja , 12:43 rx. Hyvän aikaa sai wodin jälkeen hengitellä ennenkuin olo tasaantui. Mutta kyllä se tästä taas lähtee, niin parasta päästä taas treenaa .

  18. you say is true, and I for one will not criticize the personal solution you propose. I just want to quote a smarter man, Ben Franklin: "We must all hang together, or else we shall hang separately." So even in your hideaway, try to be plugged into a larger network, a tribe.As to the non-futility of resistance under what appears like hopeless conditions, I will post in this space a little historical account that I was leaving for next month, for something else.Takuan Seiyo

  19. I've not read McKee's book, but that's very interesting. My impression is that the politics of children's books are generally quite liberal, in the sense emphasizing placing value on others, preserving the environment, etc. Although there's also a strong strain of "you can be whatever you want to be", which might resonate with neo-con individualism, I guess. I wonder what others think?

  20. #6 YazzyJa de aanwezige moslims toonden weinig respect tenaanzien van een mede moslim,maar ja dat had Saddam ook niet voor zijn slachtoffers. Vind ik wel dat zij ( de beulen en getuigen) zich juist daarom waardiger hadden moeten tonen.Maar ja een moslim is ook maar een mens

  21. By Greg Verdino November 25, 2012 – 1:06 pmHey Bill – How goes it? It has been a while. I’d love to hear your thoughts on ooVoo – have you been using it at all? For that matter, I’d love to connect over ooVoo. My ID is gregverdino (orginal, I know – add me and let’s chat sometime – and let’s find a few other blogfriends and make it a party.)Greg

  22. Ok Paolo, touché. quello che volevo dire è che c'è una grossa differenza tra superare i 100 km e ricadere e superarli e mantenerli a tempo (quasi) indeterminato.Questa differenza fa sì che per quanto si raggiunga effettivamente lo spazio, il divertimento non dura poi molto. (il tempo di vomitare l'anima, immagino)

  23. The "so-called Dutch" team is as Dutch as our team is American. There is a non-trivial number of Afro-Dutch for historical reasons. The Swiss team, on the other hand… I had never heard of an Afro Swiss before this.All the starters are Dutch. There are 8 non-native Dutch players on the team, some of whom may have some Dutch ancestry. Of these 8, there are 3 that look to be entirely of black heritage, 2 or 3 of partial black heritage, and 2 or 3 that are about as swarthy as many of the southern European players and could pass as one of them.

  24. boss vidunga boss ivinga verum soundu thaan… நாடாளுமன்றத்தை புரட்டிப் போட்டதெல்லாம் இருக்கட்டும்! ஜன் லோக்பால் அமலுக்கு வந்த பிறகும் ஊழல் ஒழிக்கப்பட வில்லை என்றால் உங்களைப் போன்றவர்களை என்ன செய்யலாம் என்பதை நீங்களே பகிரங்கமாகச் அறிவியுங்கள்.let us give a try first….what if it eradicates ஊழல்????

  25. I had been wanting to know if you ever considered changing the layout of your blog? Its well written; I love what you have got to say. But maybe you could create a little more in the way of written content so people can connect with it better. Youve got a great deal of wording for only having one or two photographs. Maybe you can space it out better?

  26. Hi just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let you know a few of the pictures aren’t loading properly. I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different web browsers and both show the same outcome. Thanks!

  27. 17/11/2012 17:39 · Many thanks for making the effort to talk about this, I feel strongly about this and like learning a great deal more on this topic. If feasible, as you gain expertise, would you mind updating your website with a great deal more details? It’s very useful for me.

  28. Thank you for sharing these stories.I wish I'd learned more about prematurity before my (now perfectly healthy) twins were born at 33 weeks. It was too scary to think about. I think there's such a taboo against talking or thinking about this that might go wrong in a pregnancy. However, if I were to get pregnant again, I'd be far more educated and better able to advocate for a preemie. Of course, we're perfectly satisfied with our two!

    • Grazie Fabio,ma il conteggio mi sembra mooolto ottimistico.Oggi se non erro, tra il Lordo e il netto il valore reale si aggira intorno al 52%.Quindi in busta dovrei trovare per 13 Me=0260.i00€*5:%/13s2.400 €CiaoFranco

    • Your questions are lobs Tim. I don’t throw lobs. I prefer high, inside fastballs. I like to think of my questions as “food for thought”.As far as “putting people into overpriced houses and toxic loans”…perhaps your chosen interviewees didn’t personally…but their “minions” did…and I doubt they ever gave it a second thought. – Rate this comment: 0  0

    • I’m no longer positive where you’re getting your info, but great topic. I needs to spend a while studying more or working out more. Thanks for great info I was on the lookout for this information for my mission.

    • It always hurts to see an ex with someone new but think about this, Can you see yourself with someone else? If you think you’d just leave him when someone ‘better’ came along then don’t bother. You’ll just set yourself up for heart break. As for being relieved that he was rejected, everyone wants to ‘win’ the break up. It sounds cruel but it’s true. You don’t want to see him move on before you do but it’s ok. It sounds like he’s rushing to get over you. Just let it be and move on at your own pace.

    • Caroline,Regarde L’EXCELLENT vidéo de Marc sur ton sujet cette semaine, regarde-le et surtout, écoute bien où les rires du public sont mis. Regarde-le une fois, puis deux, puis autant de fois que tu devras pour bien assimiler que tu est en train de te faire passer un sapin en étant EFFECTIVEMENT, son back-up.Comme on est en 2010, je suis sûrrrrrr que pour toi, une fille, c’est facile de te trouver un mec. Que dirais-tu d’un mec où tu serais son #1 ?Bonne chance!

    • …The makers of this video should have tested it first with ordinary people to test their reaction.———-Definitely. I'd also suggest that they canvas the opinions of people on blogs such as this for feedback on new projects. I'm sure these videos are quite time consuming to put together, so it's a great shame if they fizzle due to fundamental flaws with the basic concepts.After all, it's not like they are doing some secret product launch and need to maintain secrecy before they spring it on the public.

    • I think that this thread should move away from the selection of stadia and move more into potential organisation. For intsance…Should we copy the Germany 2006 model of 12 stadiaShould we regionalise the group stages (8 GROUPS- 2VENUES EACH)Should we give teams a home base (will stop fans from far away spending too much)Should we allocate teams to training basesShould we use 10,12,14 or 16 venues… you get my jist

    • já moc příjemnej nebudu protože tohle mÄ› fakt sere. Plisko nepiÅ¡ už žádný recenze, krom invaders must die jsou vÅ¡echno fake tracky, který dÄ›lal úplnÄ› nÄ›kdo jinej a psat tohle dokonce, když jeÅ¡tÄ› nevyÅ¡lo album to je …. no nevím co na to říct. Prodigy to maj zabalit zbláznily jste se není rozjetěší elektronickej projekt, kterej navíc tetka vyhrál best dance live elektronic project v uk.

    • Question:Precisely how UN-creative do you have to be, in order to have so little input between deciding to steal an idea and making your re-hash, that the idea you’re stealing is indistinguishable from your copy?That’s what pisses me off most. Not that they nicked an idea, but that they were too bloody lazy to put their own thoughts into it.

    • Oh – and no, I don’t really need to label her. Maybe more like figuring out where she might fit in my life (with her troubles/issues that she won’t get counseling for), if she fits, as I try to build a healthier life for myself while I’m in the process of picking up the pieces.

  29. The main reason to changing the release date to September is so that the iPad can ride the Holiday wave like the iPods currently do. It will still be on a year refresh cycle. Just in September. As it is, some consumers wait for the refresh in April to buy their iPad instead of receiving it as a gift for Christmas. That’s what I’m doing.

  30. I tried Dropbox, icloud, & Skydrive, but moved to Sugarsync. I’d love to know what Dropbox does that Sugarsync doesn’t. Unless it’s critical mass & market momentum, or perhaps solidity against data loss, something I can’t know. But seems to me that it’s not ‘cracked’ the sync problem as well as Sugarsync.

  31. Je ne comprends pas votre commentaire … vous mélangez tout comme dans une grosse tablette de chocolat fourre tout ? Les tablettes de chez Mast sont délicieuses, dommage de s'en priver parceque que j'établi des parallèles …

  32. When I was in school we were taught that the Founding Fathers went to great lengths to create a system where the government could not take over the people's lives. Very sad to see so many people today want their lives controlled by the government, and want to force such horror on the rest of us.As for Democracy and voting, yes, voting leads nowhere good if those voting aren't good people.

  33. Bonjour…
    Merci pour les informations concernant la sismologie amateur, domaine qui m’intéresse vu sa proximité avec mon travail actuel (Ingénieur en Génie Civil).J’ai aussi été Radio Amateur dans mon club de Lycée entre 1983 et 1986.

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